WW2 set of two photo postcards of German planes

FOTO serie – Unsere Luftwaffe’ PHOTO Series – Our Luftwaffe

Produced by Flieger-Fotokarten Spezialverlag Horn of Gotha 

First is Card #51, a Junkers JU-52 three motor transport plane. Second is card #257, a Junker JU-86 monoplane bomber.

Note that both cards have been trimmer, especially the second one. Good for images, less so as complete postcards.

Remnants of black paper on #1 where mounted in album. Appears to be yellowed on right.

#1: 13 X 7.75 cm

#2: 12.75 X 6.25 cm

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photos for sale).


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