WW2 propaganda photo of Heinkel 70 in flight

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German printed text on reverse:

He 215
Echte Fotografie Nr. B 5119 Serie 9

Back has some paper glued to where photo was mounted in an album.

6 x 9 cm.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale).


The Heinkel He 70 is a German mail plane and fast passenger aircraft of the 1930s which was also used in auxiliary bomber and reconnaissance roles.

Twenty-eight aircraft were sent with the Legion Condor, where they were used during the Spanish Civil War as fast reconnaissance aircraft. Their high speed (and likely the already existing "blitz" title) gave them the nickname Rayo (lightning).

The He 70K (later He 170), a fast reconnaissance airplane variant, was used by the Royal Hungarian Air Force in early World War II during 1941–42. The Luftwaffe operated He 70s from 1935, initially as a light bomber and reconnaissance aircraft. As soon as purpose built designs became available, it was relegated as a liaison and courier aircraft.

The main weakness of the He 70 in military use was that crews considered it a fire risk. A single hit from a light machine gun is reputed to have often set the entire aircraft ablaze.



Note: The sale of these items in no way supports the actions or philosophies of the Axis powers. I am selling the historical record.