WW2 Propaganda photo of German Henschel Hs 124 on grass

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German printed text on reverse:

Mehrzwedeflugzeug Henschel He 124
(Multi-purpose aircraft  Henschel Hs 124)


Echte Fotografie Driesen-Verlag Berlin C 2 Foto Nr.  B 5037 Fliegerserie 4

Published by Driesen…Aviator Series 4).

Rare photo, only 2 ever built!

Back has some paper glued to where photo was mounted in an album.

6 x 9 cm.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale).


The Henschel Hs 124 was a German prototype twin-engined heavy fighter-bomber. After two were manufactured, work on the airplane was cancelled.

The Hs 124 V1 had two liquid-cooled 12-cylinder Junkers Jumo 210A engines of 449 kW each (610 hp). It was fitted with a rotating turret with two 7.9 mm MG 15 machine guns in the nose.

The Hs 124 V2 had two BMW 132DC 9-cylinder radial engines of 640 kW each (870 hp). It was fitted with two 7.9mm MG 15 machine guns and carried up to 600 kg of bombs.



Note: The sale of these items in no way supports the actions or philosophies of the Axis powers. I am selling the historical record.