WW2 photo of three German Panzer tanks on train, going back to Germany

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Photo of tank crews preparing tanks for transport by train back home to Germany.  Two are Panzer IV’s, one a Panzer I.

On back glued label “25  3.7 Rückmarsch in die heimat” (march back home).

Small stain on back/

6,50 x 9 cm

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)


… Slow production of the Panzer IV had been continuing, by the end of 1940 386 Ausf. Ds were in service and in 1941 a further 480 were produced, despite an order from the army for 2,200. The short 75 mm gun was the main advantage of the Panzer IV, weight and armor were close to that of the Panzer III. The Panzer IV became the most numerous tank of the Panzer divisions, although already outclassed in 1942 it was easy to maintain and simpler to produce than other German tanks. The Ausf. E was the major production variant, although the Ausf. F2 (later renamed Ausf. G) with a long high velocity gun was the more effective variant. First introduced in 1940 the 22 ton machine was progressively improved, with the addition of the L/43 gun the most significant change – it could penetrate 80 mm of armour at 1800 m. Later variants further improved the gun to a 75 mm L/48 ...About 12,000 Panzer IV tanks (derived chassis included) were produced during the war, more than twice as many as the next German tank.