WW2 lot of 8 USA unused patriotic covers

$40.00 CAD

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  1. "We’ll set this Rising Sun!" Image of Uncle Sam bashing Hirohito.
  2. "America is not Free until they are Freed!" Reference to Wake Island Marine prisoners, Uncle Sam grabbing a rifle.
  3. "Getting Warm! So the dirty little rat thinks he pulled a fast one!" Cartoon by Hungerford – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Uncle Sam with a couple of six-shooters.
  4. "We won’t Give Up till they Give In!". American Eagle.
  5. "The hope and pride of America". The four branches of the Services.
  6. "Out there fighting for Freedom! Keep the supply lines flowing!"
  7. "We’re In it - Let’s Win It!"
  8. "Surely Each Man Has as Strong A Motive Now To Preserve Our Liberties As Each Had Then to Establish Them - A. Lincoln". Image of Lincoln and flags.

Some are by Walter Poppenger of Akron Ohio.

All are in nice condition. "We won’t Give Up.." has a small tear left side. "We’re In it.." has small ink blotch. Some slight paper creases. Couple of envelopes have some in ink remnants on back.