WW2 letter with Disney letterhead US Naval Air Station Jacksonville

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Letter written on paper with color letterhead with image Donald Duck  wearing pilot headgear, sitting in a cracked egg and titled 'U.S.NAVAL AIR STATION JACKSONVILLE, FLA'

Another letter from him also for sale, with different DD letterhead.

Letter from:
Albert Michael Cepon
Cecil Field VSB-4
US Naval Air Station Jacksonville Florida


ARM – Aviation Radio Man 3rd Class

USNR – U.S. Naval Reserve

VSB – Scout Bombing Plane

Postmarked May 19 1943., sent to Waukegan Illinois

May 18, 1943
….I’ve been assigned to a Flight, and am going to flight school – 12 hours a day…We’ll start flying in a couple of days now. Our pilots are here already, and all we’re waiting for now is just the word to go. By the time you get this letter I’ll have taken my first dive – and can hardly wait.
While we were on the line we learned a little about the planes. We had to check out in starting and taxiing them, and that was a lot of fun. Then we worked in the armory for a couple of days, and now ground school.
I did a little flying the other day, but not enough. You see, they needed a guy to be a signalman at a practice filed which is way out in the woods, as the gave me the flags, a jug of water, and flew me there and back. While I was at the field I had a little excitement. It seems that about the fifth guy to come in for a landing had his landing gear up, and didn’t see my signal, not to land. He just kept coming in, passed me, and made a perfect belly landing…He didn’t wreck the plane too much…


Letter nice condition, envelope bit battered and written on.

Paper measures 10 ½” x 6 ¼”


Naval Air Station Cecil Field

The base got its start in June 1941 as an outlying field of NAS Jacksonville, and operations were accelerated just 11 days after the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor. Carrier-based fighter (VF) and scout bombing (VSB) units of Advanced Carrier Group, Atlantic arrived at Cecil Field in late 1942 to commence replacement pilot combat training and Cecil Field was commissioned as a Naval Auxiliary Air Station (NAAS) in February 1943.

In March 1943, the fighter training unit moved to nearby Naval Auxiliary Air Station Lee Field in Green Cove Springs, and NAAS Cecil Field became the principal war-at-sea and dive-bombing training center for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. From 1943 until the war ended, NAAS Cecil Field was a pilot's last stop before assignment to combat in either the Atlantic Fleet or Pacific Fleet. It operated at full capacity during the war years and after the war.