WW2 German postcard Panzer tank commander Leutnant Fritz Fechner

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WW2 patriotic German postcard  featuring Panzer tank Lieutenant Fritz Fechner, decorated German tank commander. Photo of him in uniform standing up in Panzer tank turret. From the 'Songs of the Front' collection. 

Verses of a patriotic song 'LiItle Dorothee' . Words by Lieutenant Fritz Fechner, soldier Erich Bolling

As soon as the day begins to dawn, the tank attack rolls in, a group of black men fighting their way towards the enemy. Everyone quickly thinks of you again, Little Dorothee, Dorothee...

on back:

Special publisher Robert Franke. With permission from Georg-Kallmeyer-Publishers Wolfenbüttel and Berlin. Taken from the 2nd issue of the Great German Radio song collection 'Songs of the front'

Stain upper right corner.


Fechner, Fritz

Date of birth: December 16th, 1913. In service from October 1st 1934. 

Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse

Awarded on: October 2nd, 1939

Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse

Awarded on: June 21st, 1940

Deutsches Kreuz in Gold

Rank: Hauptmann 

Unit: II. / Panzer-Regiment 201 

Awarded on: November 5th, 1942 

Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes

Rank: Major

Unit: Kommandeur III. / Panzer-Regiment 23 / 9.Panzer-Division / Heeresgruppe Süd

Awarded on: October 6th, 1943

Awarded for his Abeilung’s exceptional achievements in the time period 04.-16.09.1943. A particular success came on the 11.09.1943. On this day Fechner led a newly assembled armoured group (comprised of the II./Pz.Rgt. 23, elements of the Pz.Rgt. 33, the II./Pz.A.R. 102, the 3./Pz.Pi.Bt. 86 and the I./Pz.Gr.Rgt. 11) out of Podubnyj, advanced through Iwanowka and Fedrowka to the north, and thereafter captured Kamenka and the Meshewaja train station while utilizing the shock effect of a friendly Stuka attack. By this action the supply road for the Soviet 23rd Tank Corps (which had broken through to the west) was blocked. In a further thrust towards Poputnyj the gap between the 6. Armee and 1. Panzer-Armee was almost closed.

Anerkennungsurkunde des Oberbefehlshabers des Heeres

Rank: Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant)

Unit: Abt.Fhr., II. Abteilung, Panzer-Regiment 201, 23. Panzer-Division, Heer

Awarded on: October 16th, 1942