WW2 ‘Canadian Battle Drill School’ handkerchief

$10.00 CAD

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Nice handkerchief that has been modified with logo, banner and personal message.

                     With love Don

Appears to have been home made. Border and lettering added in ink.

Folded in four.

10” x 10 ⅜”

Battle Drill was a specific name for a system of training utilized by the Canadian Army in the Second World War.


During 1941, the 47th (London) Division, a training formation of the British Army, began to demonstrate its new system of training, called "Battle Drill" to officers of the Canadian Army. Lieutenant Colonel J. Fred Scott and Captain John Campbell of The Calgary Highlanders attended a demonstration on 8 Oct and found their imagination fired by what they saw. On 22 Oct, officers of that regiment attended a battle drill school at Chelwood Gate, and according to unit historian Roy Farran, "No more fanatical disciples of the new system could have returned to the unit."