WW2 1944 US military letter with Disney patriotic stamp, Brigham UT

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Letter with nice patriotic stamp of Donald Duck in aviation uniform with air planes in background. Torn at left.  Text says ‘…Aviation Base, U.S. Naval Reserve’ and ‘(Com)bat Insignia 138’. Printed by (He)arst Pub Incs, R.L. Robbins Postamp...


Pvt. R.Q. ___
Bushnell General Hospital, Brigham City, Utah
_.C.U. 1977

Brigham City UT

Destination: Family in Duluth Minnesota

Two letters, both dated June 8th from brothers.

Letter #1

Dear Folks...We were supposed to play ball again today but we were blown off. I hope it doesn’t rain to much now so that the field is bad…We sure are having fun here. Gee it’s swell… We eat cold breakfast now and sometimes I get hamburgers or else we go out…Our jobs are both going swell…I sure hope I get a rating soon. The extra dough will come on handy this winter…Say I haven’t look up for that Lt. but I checked to see if any boys from Duluth were in the hospital. There isn’t any and there is only a couple from Minn. One from Chisolm, and one from St. Paul. We’re planning to go trout fishing up the canyon…Your son Rob.

Letter #2

Dear Mom & Dad…the correct address like you asked for is 118 South West, Brigham City, Utah…I hope you don’t think it is a small town and we have to pick up our mail because they have two deliveries a day, only thing different about the mail men is - they ride bikes delivering the mail…work is coming along just fine and Bobby and I are sure having a swell time… Love ___


Letters folded horizontally in three. Torn at left affecting stamp.

8 x 5 cm.


Bushnell General Military Hospital was an Army World War II hospital in
Brigham City, Utah from August 1942 to June 1946. It specialized in treating
amputations, maxillofacial surgery, neuropsychiatric conditions, and tropical diseases. It
was also one of the first hospitals to experimentally use penicillin. Bushnell was a
regional facility for wounded solders from the Mountain States that provided quality
medical care to patients.