WW2 1943 invitation British & American troops Charity Show India

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Fundraiser during the Bengali Famine of 1943-44.

One side of flyer has appeal to soldiers to attend:

Appeal to AMERICAN & BRITISH ARMY MEN in Karachi
Dear Comrades, Will you listen to the cry of suffering humanity in India? Hundreds of unfortunate Indians are daily dying in the streets of Calcutta and other places in Bengal – dying of starvation….As members of a great army fighting for the four world freedoms, will you not come to the aid of suffering humanity in India?...Come to that show in your thousands…India expects every soldier on its soil to do his duty on the food front....
Chair of the ‘Social Union Committee'


Other side has details of the show:

GRAND VARIETY SHOW of Indian Dance and Music in aid of Bengal Relief Fund
Highly interesting Folk dances (Sindhi, Gujerati.)
Classical Dances in gorgeous dresses and accompaniments
One Act Play in English
Place – Kartak Hall
Dates- 9th and 10th of October 1943
Personnel of the  “Social Union Committee”...


Pinholes UL corner. Vertical and horizontal fold. Appeal side foxed, details side less so.

26 x 19 cm.


The Bengal famine of 1943-44 was a major famine in the Bengal province[A][B] in British India during World War II. An estimated 2.1 million people died in the famine, the deaths occurring first from starvation and then from diseases, which included cholera, malaria, smallpox, dysentery, and kala-azar. Other factors, such as malnutrition, population displacement, unsanitary conditions, and lack of health care, further increased disease fatalities. Millions were impoverished as the crisis overwhelmed large segments of the economy and social fabric, accelerating a trend toward economic inequality.