WW1 UK patriotic handkerchief with slogans

$38.00 USD

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Printed silk kerchief, in the form of the British Union Jack, decorated with small white scrolls at the base of each arm of the St George's Cross, each of which contains a different patriotic slogan. These include: “Our King And Country”, “Faithful To The Flag”, “Defence Not Defiance” and “Be Prepared”.


Nice colours, blue does have some gradient.

Creased, two small holes in white border cloth. Some light yellowing on borders.

20" x 19.5"


“Our King And Country” and “Faithful To The Flag” are traditional slogans in the U.K. “Defence not Defiance” was the motto of the military volunteer movement in 1859-60, brought about by the perceived threat of invasion. It was revived at the beginning of the First World War by working class militant trade unions, especially the Transport Workers Union, during the British strikes of 1913. “Be prepared”, coined by Robert Baden-Powell in 1908 for the Boy Scouts movement, had a good deal of applicability to the threats of war. (Source: Australian War Memorial)