WW1 photo American troops wearing gas masks Trilport France #3

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American troops marching through French village of Trilport (Seine & Marne region), all wearing gas masks.

Written in pencil on back:

“Trilport (Seine et Marne) Troupes americaines marchant en ligne. Les soldats sont munis de masques.”
"Trilport (Seine & Marne) American troops marching in line. The soldiers are equipped with masks.”

Note that I am selling another photo printed from the same negative, that has no location identified. This other photo is less exposed.

Stamped in purple on back, smudged, but it would say SECTION PHOTOGRAPHIQUE DE L’ARMÉE’ and ‘REPRODUCTION INTERDITE Chef de la Section Photographique de l’Armée i.e. Official French Army photo, copying forbidden.

Trilport is ~5 km east of Meaux.

Paper is 'warped'.

18 x 12.5 cm  /  7-1/8” x 5“.


In 1918 Trilport was the HQ of the French Sixth Army.