WW1 October 1918 disabled UK Mark V tank Battle St Quentin Canal

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Undated. Based on the UK Mark V tank being disabled, likely photo from October 1st 1918 when the tank was disabled during the Battle of St Quentin Canal.

I.29 part of the 9th Tank Battalion ‘B’ Company and commanded by Lt. Clegg.

On that day, the 9th Tank Battalion was with 96th Brigade, 32nd Division, IX Corp, 4th Army, with 9 fighting tanks.


  • To support the 2 / Manchester 
  • To capture the Beaurevoir – Fonsomme line, east of Joncourt by piercing the line from H17b to h10c and then winging eastwards to increase the size of the penetration. .
  • The lead section was to penetrate the line by frontal attack, the second to follow and then turn north and south to assist in the capture of the trench lines either side of the breach.
  • Zero hour 16:00

I29 went to Chataignies Wood, avoiding an AT gun after an NCO from I12 successfully warned them of the guns precience, it having knocked out I12 [report says I2]. North of Chataignies Wood an AT gun was encountered but rendered ineffective by smoke grenades, the tank thus supported the infantry who captured the Wood but later lost it again. The tank went back into action to clear the wood but was now without smoke grenades, it was rapidly hit twice and knocked out. Tank fired 70 rounds 6pdr and 300 rounds SAA.

Clegg was awarded the Military Cross.


Some toning and smudges on back.