WW1 Fundraising photo postcard for Belgian Relief 1915

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With photo of King Albert.


Ink smudge LR corner. Slight corner crease UL.

Belgian Relief Funds - 1915 

Was Mr. Clarkson's appeal to the public to use the Belgian Relief Fund cards for as long as they were needed - successful? Perhaps not immediately, for funds continued to be ‘needed’ well into 1915. By mid-summer the number of displaced Belgians living in Britain had increased considerably, and Joseph Clarkson tried to help by issuing a third series of appeal cards. They were entitled, "BELGIAN RELIEF FUNDS -1915 - OFFICIAL SOUVENIR." and, just like the first and second series, the third one also featured portraits of allied kings, queens, generals and admirals.

"BELGIAN RELIEF FUNDS - 1915 - OFFICIAL SOUVENIR." These three cards were from the third series - of what again is thought to have been 12 cards - by Mr. Clarkson and were captioned "BELGIAN RELIEF FUNDS", and appropriately carried portraits of the King and the Queen of Belgium. King Albert assumed leadership of the Belgian army at the outset of the war. However, although brave and resourceful, his army was no match for the military might of the Kaiser and after several weeks of heroic resistance, almost the whole of the country was under German occupation. "Remember brave little Belgium" became a rallying cry of the Allies and it was not until 22nd November 1918 that Albert was able to re-enter Brussels in triumph.