WW1 France, two photos of tranches and desolation, Champagne Region

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  1. Photo of desolated wide area of land with no trees

Labeled on top border, typewritten: ‘No-man’s Land in Champagne Region. This section has been captured and re-captured many times

At bottom right written “AR111” on negative,

  1. French soldier standing in trench, surrounded by desolation. Note in foreground boot and leg sticking out of dirt

Labeled on top border, typewritten: 'Trench, temporary, in Champagne district’. At bottom left written “AR109” on negative, bottom right ‘F321’.

Paper bit warped at vertical edges. Some yellowing around edges on back.

Deux photos de région de Champagne, tranchée avec soldat Français (et dans l’avant-plan une botte et jambe dans la terre, la deuxième du ‘no man’s land’ avec vue de la terre désolée.

12.5 x 18 cm.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale / Texte rouge est un filigrane électronique, qui n’est pas sur le photo en vente)