WW1 British Patriotic postcard by A A Nash

$10.00 CAD

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BY THE SWORD UNITED’  ‘Unis par l’Epee!

Signed LR ‘A A Nash

By Inter-Art Co. Red Lion Square. London W.C.
“ARTISTIQUE” Series. No. 1426


Nice fresh colours.

Back bit smudgy, small spots on front with missing colour.


With the outbreak of the 1914 1918 War the mood of the country changed. Family life was disrupted. Brothers, Fathers and Uncles were taken away to fight in the trenches. Mothers and sisters took over the men's roles in the fields and factories to keep industry and services going. There was a thirst for contact and consequently still a considerable demand for postcards. People still wanted the images of glamorous women, of children at play, of animals and so on. They still wanted to be amused by comic postcards and to see illustrations of home and happier times but they needed something more. The images had to have a patriotic element.

It's no surprise then to discover that military theme postcards featuring patriotic children (some poignant, some comic) abounded at this time. They presented an invariably positive image of the youngest family member 'joining in'. Children in military uniform, babies trying to enlist just like father, soldier boys receiving the attention of girls, children coping with food and clothing shortages, children caring for mother as she pines for father to return, children enacting in play a battle scene. The list is endless and it's a very fruitful and relatively low cost area in which to collect.