WW1 American Red Cross support for French soldiers' families 1918

$60.00 CAD

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Payment sent by American Red Cross to family of French soldier near end of WW1.

Pre-printed form from Paris, with stamped ‘10 AOUT 1918’ (10TH August 1918) at top, and amount ‘CENT’ (one hundred) francs (about US$4.80 at the time).

Form totally in French:

“Madame…based on information given by General Pétain, Commander in Chief of the Armies of the North and North-East, the American Red Cross is sending you this modest souvenir and asks that you accept it as a sign of the affection that the people of the United States have for the French Nation…The High Commissioner of the American Red Cross for Europe…J. H. Perkins

Enclosed postal order for One Hundred francs”

Horizontal and vertical fold. Tears along horizontal fold. Corner creases.

10 ⅝” x 8 ¼”


Relief of French Soldiers' Families

After three years of war, the families of thousands of the French soldiers were in desperate need. Such a condition naturally reacted on the morale of the troops. The French Government welcomed the aid of the Red Cross in coping with the situation. As a result, the Red Cross operated what was in effect "home service" for the families of French soldiers.

The main work took the form of a wide distribution of cash to assist in meeting the necessities of life. At first the distribution was made through the officials of the territorial departments of the French Government. Later, the gifts were made to families recommended through the commanding officers of all parts of the French Army.

Families to the number of 87,652 were aided in this way up to February 28, 1919.