WW1 1919 two patriotic postcards from US soldier in France

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Two postcards, both sent by Harry Carlson Co. ‘H’ 318th Infantry ('The Squirrels'), American E Force based in Mayet France on April 23rd 1919. Each written to different  brothers back home in in Kersey, Elk County Pennsylvania. 

Harry F. Carlson was one of the two buglers in 'H' Company.

On May 17, 1919 the 318th Infantry embarked on USS Maui and at 4:55pm anchor was weighed. Eleven months and two weeks had been spent on French soil.

‘Gee! You at Home Will Miss all the Excitement’ 

Image of Allied tank chasing German troops, drawn by American artist Bernhardt Wall.
Sent to brother Oscar:
…have they start up in Erie yet…
Postmark smudge on left. Couple light creases. Toning on back.


‘Over the Top Hurrah’ (image by Wall)

Image of Allied soldier jumping over German soldier wearing a pickelhaube, drawn by American artist Bernhardt Wall.
Sent to brother Arthur:
…still at Mazet , expect to stay another week, say why don’t you write…have the car in good trim because we are coming home tooth sweet…
Postmark smudge at top. Crease UR corner. Light creases LL, LR corners


Both have ‘Censored’ handstamp with signature.

Both have ‘US Army ___ APR 25 H.P.E.S.’  cancellation.

Handwritten "soldiers mail" in place of  stamp.


80th Division

During World War I the unit was designated the 80th Infantry Division. Nicknamed the "Blue Ridge Division", it was initially composed of draftees from the mid-atlantic states of Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Activated: September 1917
Overseas: June 1918
Major operations: Battle of the Somme (1918), Meuse-Argonne, Battle of Saint-Mihiel.
Casualties: Total-6,029. (KIA-880; WIA-5,149).
Inactivated: May 1919.

…the 318th Infantry was made up mostly of men from the Shenandoah Valley and Tidewater areas; the 313th Machine Gun Battalion mostly had men from the Erie, Pennsylvania, area. These units comprised the 159th Infantry Brigade.

The 318th Infantry were nicknamed the "squirrels" while training with the British in the Artois/Picardy section of France; the 1st Battalion was the "red squirrels," the 2nd Battalion was the "gray squirrels," and the 3rd Battalion was the "flying squirrels."