WW1 1919 photo Salmson 2A2 reconnaissance biplane, USA 1st Aero Sqdn

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In-flight photo of a two-seater reconnaissance Salmson 2A2 biplane. Sitting in the the back seat can see the machine-gunner. This plane was member of the American 1st Aero Squadron, who  started using this French-made biplane in June 1918.

Markings on rudder ‘A.L 2A2  No. 5464 P.C. 200 --- 31---'

Written on negative at bottom “US - 3AC - 1st AERO SQDN A-134-SALMSON OBS---ION PLA-E IN FLIGHT– 6/10/19 – 16TH PHOTO SEL

ThIs photo was probably taken near Andernach Airdrome, Coblenz. On the 13th of June they moved to Colombey-les-Belles Airdrome in France to be demobilized.

Paper is ‘curved’

7” x 9 ¼”

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)

The squadron departed on 5 August 1917 on a troop train, arriving at Jersey City, New Jersey on the 9th. It embarked on the Red Star Liner SS Lapland on 13 August for its trans-Atlantic crossing, reaching Liverpool, England on 1 September without incident. The squadron then boarded a train for Southampton, and crossed the channel the next day, resting at British Rest Camp No. 2, Le Havre, France….

At the beginning of June (1918), the 1st Aero Squadron was re-equipped with the latest in French observation aircraft, the Salmson 2A2

After the armistice, the I Corps Observation Group was disbanded and the squadron was assigned to serve as part of the occupation force of the Rhineland under the Third Army Air Service, III Corps Observation Group at the former Andernach Airdrome, near Coblenz. One of its duties was to fly over Cologne and other parts of the Rhineland occupied by Third Army.

On 13 June 1919, the squadron first went to the 1st Air Depot at Colombey-les-Belles Airdrome, to turn in all of its supplies and equipment and was relieved from duty with the AEF. The squadron's planes were delivered to the Air Service Production Center No. 2. at Romorantin Aerodrome.