WW1 1916 British military map Valenciennes (Belgium) North France

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Map covering the border area around Valenciennes in northern France and Mons in Belgium. Shows international boundary, populated places and main buildings, cemeteries, farms, mills, sugar factories, chateaux, roads, railways and stations, canals and other watercourses, forests, wetlands and other vegetation and terrain features. Relief shown by contours and spot heights.

Geographical Section General Staff No 2364     War Office April 1916


Linen-backed map

Some text in pencil right margin, names of cities.

Small tears along folds, some missing paper along folds. Text in margin rubbed. Some staining on linen side.

70 x 85 cm   27½” x 33”


GSGS 2364 : France and Belgium : 1:100,000

When the British Expeditionary Force was sent to France in 1914, they took with them small scale topographical maps, not trench maps.

The 1:100,000 maps forming the series GSGS 2364 essentially cover Belgium and northern France. They are on a single set of sheet lines but have France or Belgium in the map heading.

The multicoloured Belgian 1:100,000 was redrawn at the War Office, copper plates were photoetched at the Ordnance Survey, and then printed at the War Office to produce GSGS 2364. More sheets, covering northern France were subsequently produced on the same sheet lines and extended the area covered by GSGS 2364.