WW1 1915 photo postcard of German military cemetery Beaulieu France

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Nice photo postcard showing small German military cemetery surrounded by low brick wall. Written UR “Beaulieu (FR)”.

At front are are gates held by two large pillars, with inscribed plaques.

Left pillar has Iron Cross at top and text ‘Den Gefallenen Helden’ (The Fallen Heroes) and two feathers.

Right pillar has Iron Cross and ‘errichtet vom Res Feldlaz 54 IX Res AK’  (erected by Reserve Field Hospital 54…) and two feathers.

German text on back, at top “Beaulien Sam. 2 juli 1915”.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)


Feldlazarette (field hospitals) were opened in villages behind the front, usually in school buildings, convents or churches. Usually there were two Feldlazarette per division. They had a staff of 6 medical officers and were expected to be able to take care of 200 beds, although this number could be increased for a short period of time if necessary. In quiet sectors, field hospitals tended to specialize in certain diseases or wounds. This made sure that the best possible care could be given to the wounded and sick and increased the chances on a full recovery.