Wilson's Rendezvous Cafe & Mint Cake Kendal (Cumbria UK) advertising 1930s

'For Comfort and Refreshments call at WILSON'S The Rendezvous Cafe'

'Makers of Wilson's Original Kendal Mint Cake'

Number 54 at bottom (from book?)

Has been backed with thin cardboard. 

11.5 x 18 cm


Kendal Mint Cake is a glucose-based confection flavoured with peppermint. It originates from Kendal in Cumbria, England. Kendal Mint Cake is popular among climbers and mountaineers, especially those from the United Kingdom, as a source of energy.

Kendal Mint Cake is based on a traditional recipe known as mint cake, peppermint tablet and various other similar names. Kendal Mint Cake is well known to mountaineers and explorers for its high energy content. There are currently three companies that still produce Kendal mint cake in Kendal. The origin of the Mint cake is allegedly from a batch of Peppermint creams that went wrong. The mixture was left overnight and the solidified 'mint cake' was discovered in the morning.

Wilson's Mint Cake was founded in 1913, when James Wilson purchased a factory in the Stricklandgate area of the town. He had previously made and distributed types of toffee, but he decided to concentrate on mint cake. In 1966, the firm moved to its current location in the Cross Lane area of Kendal. Wilson's is currently licensed to sell a Beatrix Potter range of sweets. The factory is currently run by the grandson of James, Andrew Wilson, and Mint Cake is no longer the major product run by the grandson of James, Andrew Wilson, and Mint Cake is no longer the major product of the company as chocolate confectionery takes up 90% of orders.


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