Vintage photo of black-face minstrel performers on stage USA

$360.00 CAD

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Large photo of 27 performers on a stage, 23 in black-face. Some are holding homemade ‘musical instruments’. Rare photo.

Undated, no location. Probably 1930s.

UR corner detached and re-attached with scotch tape on back. Missing part of LR corner. Nick LL corner. Crease right side.

6 ¾” x 9 ⅞”

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)


I do not support the sentiments expressed in this document. I offer it as a testament of the culture of those times.

The minstrel show, or minstrelsy, was an American form of entertainment developed in the early 19th century. Each show consisted of comic skits, variety acts, dancing, and music performances that mocked people specifically of African descent. The shows were performed by Caucasians in make-up or blackface for the purpose of playing the role of black people. There were also some African-American performers and all-black minstrel groups that formed and toured under the direction of white people.