USA three JELL-O recipe pamphlets 1922-32

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Set of three recipe pamphlets using of Jell-O.

JELL-O America’s Most Famous Dessert AT HOME EVERYWHERE (1922)

Great drawings of people in various parts of the country: west, south, Alaska, southwest, etc.

• New Recipes (Jell-O & Baked Apples, Pear Whip…)
• How to whip Jell-O (How to add fruit, Peach Delight…)
• Delicious Whips (Glorified Rice, Raspberry Bavarian Cream…)
• For Special Occasions (Cranberry Mold, Paradise Pudding…)
• Jell-O Salads (New Manhattan Salad, Beauty Salad…)
• Other Salads (Imperial Salad, Mint Jell-O…)

The Genesee Pure Food Co., Le Roy N.Y.

Hole and string for mounting on a nail.

16 pages

6 ⅛ x 4 ¼

THROUGH THE MENU WITH JELL-O 10¢ a Package (1927)

Includes sheet 'JELL-O RULES’

Desserts of many kinds
  • Coupe Santa Maria
  • Delmonico Dessert
  • Cherry Jell-O Surprise
  • Raspberry Delight
  • Paradise Charlotte
  • Paradise Pudding
  • St. Valentine's Day Hearts Holidays

The appetizing First Course

  • Grapefruit Cubes
  • Jell-O Fruit Cocktail

Entrees that are easy to make

  • Chicken Mousse
  • Salmon Loaf

SALADS tempting and heathful

  • Salad Supreme
  • Imperial Salad
  • Golden Glow Salad
ICE CREAM for a few cents a quart with Jell-O Ice Cream powder
Tips for making Jell-O
Coupon for ordering Jell-O Molds

4 ⅛” 5 ⅞”

Covers has foxing, attached but loose.

Try the NEW JELL-O You make it without boiling water 48 NEW JELL-O RECIPES (1932)

• Desserts (Cherry Red Pudding, Apple Lime Fluff, Marvel Lemon Pie, Orange Moss..)
• Garnishes that are Simple
• Entrees and Relishes (Jellied Spanish Relish, Nippy Tongue Combination plate..)
• Salads (Red Crest Tomato Aspic, Imperial Pear Salad…)
• Jell-O Rules
• And Have you ever tried Jell-O Ice-Cream Powder?

The JELL-O Company Inc. Le Roy N.Y

24 pages
5 ¾ x 3 ⅞’