USA pre-WW1 Walter Horne photo postcard soldiers in camp in Southwest

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Photo postcard showing US soldiers setting up camp…pitching tents, outdoor cooking stove, back-packs with rifles at the ready. Photographer is famed Walter H. Horne.

Written on negative “U.S. Soldiers in Camp. W.H. Horne Co.”

Postmarked Brooklyn JUL 1916

Note on back”…I see we have a mutual favorite, Douglas Fairbanks, I think he’s great, both on the stage and the screen. I’m very fond of the movies but haven’t been to see them for a few weeks…

Couple corner creases.


Walter H. Horne was born in 1883 in Hallowell, Maine. Horne traveled to El Paso in 1909 and stayed because of his ailing health and business ventures. In 1911 Horne started taking and sending postcards of the Southwest to his family members. During the Mexican Revolution he took photographs depicting graphic realities of war. He was a prominent publisher of war scene photographers.