USA Gulden’s Mustard recipe pamphlet ‘Seasoning Secrets’ c. 1926

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Pamphlet with recipes using Gulden’s Mustard. Includes testimonials from customers, some after a recipe, stating how successful it was.


Some recipes:

Glorified Steak
Lamb Chop a la Gulden
Stuffing for Poultry
Baked Beans
Gulden's Mustard Pickles


22 pages

5 ¾ ” x 3 ⅞”


Gulden's is the third largest American manufacturer of mustard, after French's and Grey Poupon. One of the oldest continuously operating mustard brands in the United States

Charles Gulden was born on September 23, 1843, in New York City.  Gulden opened his own mustard company in 1862. He chose Elizabeth Street for his shop, near the South Street shipping berths, where he could easily obtain the mustard seeds and spices necessary to mix with vintage vinegars

Gulden's mustard won awards in 1869 and 1883. It also earned awards at the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago 1893, the Exposition Universelle, Paris 1900, the Sesquicentennial International Exposition in Philadelphia in 1926, and the Napa Valley Mustard Festival in 2005. However, the Gulden's mustard sold today is not the same formula as the mustard that won the awards in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century