USA early 1900s photo postcard Cavalry Drill Fort Keogh MT

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RPPC Photo postcard of group of military cavalry on horseback marching in formation. Research says it is likely Fort Keogh in Montana.

Labeled at bottom, with some missing letters CAVA(L)R(Y) DRILL     FORT KE(OGH)

Unused and back not divided


Fort Keogh is a former United States Army post located at the western edge of modern Miles City, in the U.S. state of Montana. It is situated on the south bank of the Yellowstone River, at the mouth of the Tongue River.

The Army's intended use for its garrison at the post was to reduce warfare by the American Indians in the region and to persuade them to resettle on reservations.

In 1900, the infantry and cavalry post at Fort Keogh became an army remount station. Infantry troops were withdrawn from the fort in 1907. During World War I, Fort Keogh served as a quartermaster's depot. The Fort Keogh remount station processed more horses for World War I than any other post, shipping them all over the world.