USA Dr. King's Guide to Health pamphlet medicine miracle cures c. 1888

$14.00 USD

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interesting almanac / advertising pamphlet for miracle medicines. Along with useful household information, advertising and testimonials pushing benefits of products offered by H.E. Bucklen & Co.

Color illustrated covers are outstanding.

Price Ten Cents
Dr. King’s
H.E. Bucklen & Co. Props
Hamilton Canada              Chicago Ill.


Pamphlet being sold by:


Advertising :

  • King’s New Discovery for Consumption, Bronchial Infections of throat , chest and lungs
  • Electric Bitters, positively cures all diseases of stomach liver
  • Bucklen’s Arnica Salve

Recipes, poisons, dyeing cotton, "how to raise the body of a drowned person", etc..

Condition is poor. Covers &some pages detached, some tears, bits of missing text, gnawing top right corner, toning inside because of type of paper used in printing

32 pages (page 21/22 missing)

9" X 7"

The H.E. Bucklen & Company of Chicago was a successful seller of a number of famous patent medicines. Herbert E. Bucklen had purchased the rights to his medicines from one Dr. Z.L. King of Elkhart, Indiana, about 1878 and moved the business from Elkhart to Chicago about 1878-1879. Bucklen spent lavish sums on advertising in all types of media, and created the brand name of “New Discovery”, which had national recognition