USA broadside maritime ballad 'THE STORM' c. 1860

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Civil War era broadside sheet with maritime ballad about a ship in danger in rough seas.

Written by George Alex Stevens (1710-1784).

                  THE STORM 
CEASE, rude Boreas, blust’ring railer!
List, ye landsmen, all to me!
Messmates, hear a brother sailor
Sing the dangers of the sea;
From bounding billows, first in motion,
When the distant whirlwinds rise,
To the tempest-troubled ocean, Where the seas contend with skies…
O’er the Ice-beam is the land, boys,
Le the guns o’erboard be thrown;
To the pump, come ev’ry hand, boys,
See! Our mizen-mast is gone.
The leak we’ve found, it can’t pour fast,
We’ve lightened her a foot or more;
Up, and rig a jury foremast.
She rights, she rIghts, boys, we’re off shore!”

Decorated in each corner is woodblock uimage head of a man in profile, some appear to be African-American.

Red stamp at bottom of the publisher FROM T.C. BOYD, 228 Montgomery San Francisco 

In bottom border ‘H. DE MARSAN, Publisher 60 Chatham str. New-York


Toned on borders.

9 ¾” x 6 ⅜”