US Internal Revenue Special Tax - Manufacturing Cigars 1879


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May 31, 1879   State of Massachusetts

Receipt of $10  for Special Tax on business of Manufacturing Cigars

Licence made out to Bush, Ensign and Chace.


Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts:

As has been already shown, Westfield is a prominent point  in the manufacture of cigars, of which the value yearly is nearly as great as that of the whip-product. This branch of manufacture is represented by 30 firms and corporations.
The American Cigar Company, organized in 1873, has a nominal capital of $52,000, and an invested capital of $100,- 000, occupies a factory which cost $10,000, employs from 100 to 200 people, and claims to produce $300,000 worth of cigars yearly. Other parties engaged in this business are Benjamin Asher, James Barkley, J. C. Barthe, Beckman, Noble & Co., Willis E. Boyden, Brueggeman & Son, Bryan, Keef & Co., Bush, Ensign & Chace...