UK women’s suffrage and fashion postcard 1915 by Underwood (Reinthal)

$20.00 CAD

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Postcard of a woman applying her make-up. On the table in front of her is a ballot. Published by Reinthal & Newman N.Y. 

 ‘Her First Vote’

Image by Clarence F Underwood.

Water Color Series No. 347

Postmarked 22 APR 15  Scarborough (UK).

Ink mark left side of image.


Reinthal & Newman   (1905-1928) New York, NY

When Albert E. Reinthal arrived in New York in 1896 he formed the publishing company of Reinthal & Gross. After this business disolved he formed a new company to publish lithographic prints and postcards with Stephen L. Newman. Many cards were signed by well known artists such as Harrison Fisher Howard Chandler Christy, Philip Boileau, and Jesse Willcox Smith. Also distributed the cards illustrated by Raphael Kirchner. Their cards were printed by American Colortype, Brett Lithography, Quardi-Color Co., and U.S. Litho. Other cards were printed for them in Europe. After 1920 they mostly reprinted older images.