UK Movie playbill for 1944 movie 'Take it or Leave it'

$10.00 CAD

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One page playbill printed in B&W: cover poster, reverse has 2 pages of info and schedule.

Plenty of teasers on poster:

'You'll see all your favorites you love them best!  WHO IS IT? The nation's #1 Pin Up Girl...WHO IS IT? Band leader...plays trombone a major in the U.S. Army!....'
'We won't tell you the names of the 27 surprise stars, 'cause that would spoil the fun! But it's the gayest, grandest musical novelty you've ever seen!'


20th Century Fox, starring Phil Baker, Phil Silvers, Marjorie Massow, Stanley Prager...

Reverse pages has info on others movies playing (Wing and a Prayer with Don Ameche), schedule for Palace Theatre and Vincent's Forces Cinema. Also showing DUHAI (Hindi) and SALIVAHANAN (Tamil) movies!

May have been printed on 5-1-46 based on footnote.

Black ink smudge on right of poster and on back, smudge top left corner also on to back.. Folded in four. Centre page has red stain top of fold that has migrated to the front. Few other nicks and lighter smudges.

16 ⅞" x 11 ¼"   


The $64 question here is: What do you like in a motion picture? If you like a story that makes sense, a picture that has some thoughtful preparation, one that isn't cluttered with reels of extraneous material—if that's what you like in a picture, here's where you get off. "Take It or Leave It," which came to the Roxy yesterday, has nothing more than second-cousin relationship to any of the aforementioned.

But on the other hand, if you should like a rambling, catch-as-catch-can picture tied together, loosely, with a more or less infantile-story line, and if you have an attachment for Phil Baker's radio program, then the chances are you'll find varying degrees of entertainment in this picture...