Two WW1 photo postcards from on-board HMS 'Canada' 1917

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Two postcards, each with text on front and back in French.
  1. 'Arrière du “Canada” en mer le 17 decembre 1917' (Rear of "Canada" at sea 17th December 1917). On reverse 'Alger le 18-12-17' (Algiers(?) December 18th 1917) and then personal message to a loved one.
  2. 'Contre torpilleur escortant le Croiseur auxiliare “Canada” en mer 17.12.17' (Anti-submariner escorting the auxiliary cruiser "Canada" at sea December 17th 1917).  On reverse 'Au bord du "Canada" en mer le 17-12-17' (On board the "Canada" at sea December 17 1917) followed then personal message to loved one.

Sender appears to be Frenchmen named Levy Cauchy from Clamecy France.

Front pictures are in nice condition, backs have some aging and stains.

HMS Canada (1913) was a battleship, originally ordered by the Chilean Navy as the Almirante Latorre. She was launched in 1913, but purchased by the British government in 1914 after the outbreak of the First World War.

Commissioned 15 October 1915.

HMS Canada was transferred to the 1st Battle Squadron on 12 June 1916. In 1917–18, she was fitted with better rangefinders and range dials, and two of the aft 6-inch secondary guns were removed after they suffered blast damage from the middle 14-inch turret. In the latter year, flying-off platforms for aircraft were added atop the superfiring turrets fore and aft. Canada was put into the reserve fleet in March 1919

Participated at the Battle of Jutland fought between 31 May and 1 June 1916. The battle involved 249 warships of the British and German Navies, and, in terms of combined tonnage of vessels engaged, was the largest naval battle in history.

Participated at the Second Battle of Heligoland Bight on 17 November 1917 near the island of Heligoland near the main German naval base at Wilhelmshaven.