Two political letters David Croll MPP to North Bay (Ontario) 1936-38

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Letters sent to Cyril Smith, Chemist and Druggist. He was on the riding executive of the Liberal party for the Provincial Electoral District of Nipissing – Sturgeon Falls. These letters come from a lot pertaining to him and his position.

In the 1934 election, the Provincial Liberals under Mitch Hepburn were elected. They had not been in power since 1905. Once in power, it was time for Tory supporters to be removed from government jobs and good Liberals be appointed. This was managed by the local Liberal executive.

Letter #1

Letterhead of Minister – Department of Public Welfare & Department of Municipal Affairs.

February 19th 1936. “...thank you for bringing to my attention certain comments that are being made in North Bay. As far as the visit of the two gentlemen is concerned they have had no promises from me, in fact I had only discussed some of these matters with them…

This government started serving on June 18th 1934.

At this time, Croll was both Minister of Municipal Affairs and Public Welfare.

Letter #2

Letterhead David Croll, K.C., M.P.P.

December 21st 1938: “…I have not been following the events in North Bay very closely and until you told me that Bulbrooke had been beaten I was not aware of it…

(Bulbrooke had been Mayor of North Bay from 1934-36)

This government started serving on October 6th 1937.

At this time, Croll was neither Minister nor member of any Standing Committees.


All letters folded twice horizontally. Letter #1  bit of a tear along one fold.


David Arnold Croll, PC, QC (born Davud Avrum Croll; March 12, 1900 – June 11, 1991) was a Canadian politician. He served as the mayor of Windsor, Ontario twice. He entered provincial politics in the 1930s, and served as minister of public works and municipal affairs in the Mitch Hepburn government. He won election to the Canadian House of Commons in 1945. In 1955 he was appointed to the Canadian Senate in 1955, becoming the first Jewish Senator. He served as a senator until his death, on June 11, 1991, a few hours after what would be his last senate sitting.