Set of three entertainment photo PCs Ivy Close - UK (1914-18)

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Ivy Close (silent movies)

#1 ‘Ivy Close (signature) B.2-2 Rotary Photo

#2 ‘Ivy Close (signature) B.2-6 Rotary Photo

#3 ‘Miss Ivy Close (Mrs.Elwin Neame) and Family’


First two:

On reverse, printed: ‘Printed in Britain’, ‘Rotary Photo London EC


Mailed from Scarborough (1914,15),

Last one:

On reverse ‘Series No. 1070/1 Printed in England Photo by Elwin Neame’, and  ‘PPC Philco Series’.

Mailed from North Cave 1918

Ink transfer UR corner.


Ivy Close (1890 –1968) was a British actress. She acted in 44 films between 1912 and 1929.

Close was born 15 June 1890 in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham. Her first husband was photographer and filmmaker Elwin Neame. Together they established Ivy Close Films in 1914, one of the first movie production companies founded by a film star.

In 1908, Ivy Close was named the World's Most Beautiful Woman by the British tabloid Daily Mirror, beating over 1,500 contestants, so becoming generally recognized as Britain's first beauty queen. Her victory won her not only a new Rover motorcar but also the exhibition of a portrait, by Sir Arthur Hacker, at the Royal Academy in London; the portrait was subsequently used on 4 May 1908 to fill the front page of the newspaper which had organised the contest.

Besides acting, her other pursuits were motorcycling and golf. She also worked as a model in advertising campaigns and sang in English music halls. Close's film career ended with the advent of talkies, as her English accent was deemed unsuitable for American audiences.