Set of four 1925 KODAKERY photo magazines

$20.00 CAD

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        A Magazine for Amateur Photographers

Toronto, Canada


September 1925 to December 1925.

Lushly illustrated with B&W photos.

Many ads for Kodak products.

#1 September

  • Ads for No. 1A Pocket Kodak Series II, film, Autographic Graflex
  • Children photography
  • French arches and doorways
  • Waterfalls

#2 October

  • Ads for filters, Graflex, Velox
  • Sports photography
  • Birds, mountains
  • Furred and feathered tenants of the zoo
  • Technical info on focusing Kodaks and Brownies

#3 November

  • Ads for Self Timer, enlarger, Cine-Kodak
  • Varied gateways
  • Country garden, wilderness
  • Around about Home
  • Moonlight scenes

#4 December

  • Christmas tree
  • Snapping a city (New York)
  • Girlhood days
  • Big game hunting


Fresh condition, a few outer pages have corner folds. One has pencil writing on back cover. Occasional light smudges on covers and some inner smudges.