Set of 7 stock certificates of PVC Container Corp (1969-74)

$25.00 CAD

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Set of seven stock certificates for PVC Container Corporation (Delaware), each for 100 shares:

  1. Frank & Josephine Giasone, Feb 7, 1969
  2. Milton Seitles May 28,1970
  3. Sam Glover Aug. 28 1972
  4. Milton Seitles May 7,1973
  5. Milton Seitles May 7,1973
  6. Cede & Co. Jan. 30, 1974
  7. Cede & Co. Jan. 30, 1974

All cancelled.

Nice vignette of bald eagle at top.

Nice condition on all. Some light creases, staple holes. A few have numbers written in pen on front. Three have light vertical folds. Punch holes.


PVC was formed as a public corporation in June 1968 by three men: a blow molder involved in making packaging for Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, a lawyer, and a financial advisor. The plan was to concentrate exclusively on using PVC and blow mold technology to make plastic containers. PVC had been a commercially used polymer for 40 years, although it was discovered by accident as early as 1838 by Henri Victor Regnault. The substance had been formed when vinyl chloride in a flask had been exposed to sunlight, resulting in a solid white substance. In the early 1900s attempts were made to use it to make commercial products, but PVC proved unpredictable and difficult to work with. It was not until 1936 when Waldo Semon, working for B.F. Goodrich, discovered the proper additives needed to plasticize PVC that the polymer became a viable material. It soon found a wide range of commercial applications, such as building materials, plumbing and piping, record albums, clothing, upholstery, and plastic containers.

PVC Container Corporation became operational in 1969 with the opening of a 30,000-square-foot, Eatontown, New Jersey plant. Using extrusion blow mold technology, the company initially produced PVC bottles ranging in size from four to 16 ounces. In 1972, after the company had established itself in the marketplace, it expanded the maximum size of the bottle it could produce to 48 ounces. As the business grew the Eatontown plant expanded, adding an additional 20,000 square feet in 1975, and another 20,000 square feet five years later. In 1978 Rimer Anstalt, a Lichtenstein-based private investment firm, acquired a controlling interest in the company, but Rimer was content to remain in the background as a passive investor and allow the company's management team to run the business.