Set of 3 USA vintage postcard with military image and text, WW1 to WW2

$30.00 CAD

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Set of three postcards with US military images on front, and interesting text on the back.

Squad Drill

Hello Jim,
Am OK feeling fine. Some cap. Met Joe Ohara last --. Will write later Jim --.


Sent by “Co. A 51st Pioneer Infantry Camp Wadsworth S.C.” to “Jas Rimney Port Ferris NY”,

Postmarked ‘SPARTANBURG SC MAY 30 1918 WAD----’.

Published by Illustrated Postcard & Nov. Co. N.Y.

UL corner creased, paper toned.

Ambulant Wards, U.S. Veterans Hospital, Castle Point, N.Y.

This is where the convalescent patients are. We have a hostess house with a resturant where our guest may stay. Margie & Cal are coming up in Sept. I get very lonesome at times. Now write to me often
Castle Point N.Y.


Published by R. T. Van Tyne, Beacon N.Y,

Small pin-hole left side.

“Give Way Together” U.S. Naval Training Station, Sampson N.Y.

Sent by “H. Sausser A.S. Co. 468 U.S.N.T.S. Sampson N.Y.” to “Miss Richard, Principal Ashland High School Ashland PA.

Well as each day passes I find Navy life a little better, but I guess it will never equal life at home. When we’re not washing clothes, we’re marching or sitting thru lectures. In other words we’re always on the go. I’ll write as I find time.

Postmarked ‘U.S. NAVY Mar 29 1944’. No stamp required, marked “Free

Genuine Curteich-Chicago “C.T. Art-Colortone”