Scott's Emulsion - Advertising trade Card 1897

$8.00 USD

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Nice image of 'Young Artist' drawing picture of dog holding bottle of emulsion.

Bilingual box images: first one has 'Scott's Emulsion Scott & Browne New York'. Second box has, in french, 'Pure Cod Liver Oil prepared by Scott & Browne New York'. 

Back has the benefits of cod liver oil: '...combined with Hypo-phosphites of Lime and Soda, it not only furnishes the fat the system needs, but is a tonic which braces, builds up and strengthens...For puny, sickly children and children of backward growth it is the one food medicine..rapidly putting on flesh"

Copyright 1897 by the Giles Co Lith. New York

Scott & Browne Pearl St. New York. Company and product still here today (owned by GSK).

Small nick of paper missing at top. Slight browning at top left, reverse has some browning.

12.5 x 9 cm


...Once accepted, the Möller method of producing pure medicinal grade cod liver oil spurred a surge in cod liver oil consumption and production. In 1870 there were 57 cod liver oil mills along the Norwegian coast. By 1890, that number had increased nearly three-fold, to 148 mills. The Scott and Browne Company, established in 1876 in New York City, became a popular brand of cod liver oil in the United States. Labeled as “Scott’s Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil,” it was originally a mixture of the foul tasting light brown oil with a formula advertised as 50% pure cod liver oil with hypophosphites of lime and soda along with a sweet tasting glycerin. By cutting the horrid taste of light brown oil, the company slogan became “Palatable as Milk”. By the early 1900s, the Scott and Bowne Company were among those that had made the switch over to the Möller method (calling it “the S & B process”) of rendering fresh cod livers..