RPPC 1905 photo postcard Tadoussac Chapel Quebec

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Early photo of the Chapelle de Tadoussac, the oldest church in Canada.

Written at bottom “La premiere église du Canada – Tadousac” (“The first church of Canada- Tadousac”).

Mailed to address in France. Canadian postmark on back '____ OC 31 05' on 2 cent Edward VII stamp. French postmark 'Courbevoie NO-11 05'.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)


Quebec's Petite Chapelle de Tadoussace (Tadoussac Chapel) was built in 1747. Located near the iconic Hotel Tadoussac, it's the oldest wooden church in Canada.

Since it was built by the Jesuit missionaries in their attempt to convert the Montagnais to Christianity, it's also known as the Indians' Chapel. It contains some of the original religious items that were used when the first mass was celebrated on June 24, 1750.