Ralston-Purina Foods - advertising and health booklet, with recipes (1926)

$20.00 CAD

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Booklet that contains health information, with tie-in to products from Purina Food Company such as Ralston Whole Wheat Cereal, Purina Branzos, and Purina Whole Wheat Flour, and some recipes.

Health-Growth and Happiness for Boys and Girls
                      A Mother's Manual

Advice includes: Symptoms of some common Children's Diseases, To Keep them Happy when it Rains,  Amount of Iron in Common Foods, The Right Height and Weight for your Little Boy,etc..

Some cute sayings: "A sunny day and outdoor play Will frighten little Germs away", "He laughs best who uses his toothbrush first", "Open windows, open pores, open bowels and open minds open the Road to Health.", etc..

Recipes include: King Cole Cookies, Puss-in-Boots Griddle Cakes, Boy Blue Brown Bread,etc..

Printed by Magill-Weinsheimer Co. Chicago

Nice color and images.

23 pages, including 4 with recipes.

Tiny chip off corner on back cover UL, slight browning along spine on covers.

6 ½” x 5”