Print of Naval Battle between Venetian and Turkish Fleets, July 21st 1718 (@1730)

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Battle on 21st July, resumed on 22nd and 23rd with Venetians victorious (according to print). 

Superb ship graphics of two ships in close combat.

Titles in Dutch and Latin:

Zee Battaille tussen de Venetiaanse en Turkse vloote,
Op den 21 July 1718. Welke op den 22 en 23 july
Hervat is tot voordeel van de eerste.


PRAELIUM NAVALE inter Venetos et Turcas
21 Julii 1718; iteratum duobus sequentibus diebus
Prospera Venetorum fortuna


At bottom: Pet:Schenk Exc: Amst: Cum Priv:

Original drawing by Adolf van der Laan (1685?-1755), engraved by Leon Schenk, printed by Peter Schenk the Younger, Amsterdam, around 1730.

Copper engraving. 

Print slight cut-down at bottom (based on far right border, top print extracted from book?). Slight age browning.

21 x 15 3/4 cm


Peter Schenk the Younger (born 15 February 1693 in Amsterdam; died: 14 January 1775) was a Dutch engraver and map publisher active in Leipzig.

He was the son of the engraver and map publisher Peter Schenk the Elder who owned a shop in Liepzig and travelled regularly between there and Amsterdam in the 17th century. In 1715 Peter the Younger traveled to Liepzig in order to sell some paintings by Jan van Huchtenburgh and Jan and Willem van Mieris.


The Seventh Ottoman–Venetian War was fought between the Republic of Venice and the Ottoman Empire between 1714 and 1718. It was the last conflict between the two powers, and ended with an Ottoman victory and the loss of Venice's major possession in the Greek peninsula, the Peloponnese (Morea). Venice was saved from a greater defeat by the intervention of Austria in 1716. The Austrian victories led to the signing of the Treaty of Passarowitz in 1718, which ended the war.

This war was also called the Second Morean War, the Small War or, in Croatia, the War of Sinj.