Print ‘Man and Woman of the Island of Bravo’ @1745-1747

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Print with two images:

‘Man & Woman of Bravo in their best habits’ and ‘Man & Woman of the Island of Bravo’.

Plate 162, No. 93, Vol 2, p. 360.

Copper engraved print on laid paper, engraved by T. Kitchin.

'Bravo' should actually be 'Brava', which is an island in Cape Verde.

Average+ copy. Strong impression. Several brown ageing spots on both images. Back has light brown transfer from image on next page of book.

21 x 27.75 cm


From set of 4-volume travel books, A New General Collection of Voyages and Travels published by Thomas Astley (d. 1759), a bookseller and publisher in London during the 18th century, and compiled by John Green (d. 1757).  This print is from Volume 2, Voyages and travels along the western coast of Africa, 1637-1735. Voyages and travels to Guinea and Benin, 1666-1726. Description of Guinea.


Thomas Kitchin (or Thomas Kitchen) (1718–1784) was an English engraver and cartographer, who became hydrographer to the king.

Kitchin was the head hydrographer for the King of England. Kitchin frequently stole the works of other cartographers, which is one reason why he "created" so much work as a cartographer.