Pre and WW1-era group of 3 photos US 1st Aero Squadron

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Three photos related to the US 1st Aero Squadron, one pre-WW1 and the other two most likely during the War.

Provenance is from the photo album of a Stanley Singstacker, member of the 1st Aero Squadron.

1913 the first plane of squadron’s first plane (California)

The first of the new 1st Aero Squadron Curtiss JN–2s at the Signal Corps Aviation School, North Island California

This photo is copy of the original photo. The original can be seen on the Wikipedia page for the Squadron. This version of the photo has written on negative “The 1st Aero Squadron first Aeroplane”

Crease UR corner, tape remnants on back where mounted in album

3 ½” x 5 ⅜”

Two WW1 photos of people around crashed airplane (UK/France)

Pilots and others gathered around wreck of an airplane.

There is text in ink on front describing the scene, needs to be fully decoded:  "The pilot of this -- had force landing"

2 ⅜” X 3 ½”


Pilots and others gathered around wreck of an airplane

1 ⅝” X 22 ⅜”

On back, black paper remnants on back where glued in album

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)


When the United States declared war on Germany on 6 April 1917, the 1st Aero Squadron was still based at Columbus, New Mexico. The Army ordered the 1st Aero Squadron to Fort Jay, New York City, to accompany the 1st Division to France.