Pin-up advertising, Lakeshore Dairy Muskoka (Canada) c. 1950s #2

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Advertising for dairy in Ontario's Muskoka region selling Neilson's Ice cream.

Ink blotter with lithograph of lady half sitting in a car, holding her compact:

“I run into the most interesting people”

Image by artist ‘ELVGREN’. 

          For Service That’s Fine
                PHONE 789
Fresh Milk, Cream and Ice Cream
         Bracebridge -  Muskoka
   Distributor Neilson's Ice Cream

Printed in Canada 36824 Brown & Bigelow St. Paul Minn. Printed in USA


Crease UL corner. some other small crease.

8.5 x 15.5 cm

Gillette Elvgren (1914 – 1980) was an American painter of pin-up girls, advertising and illustration. Best known for his pin-up paintings for Brown & Bigelow, Elvgren studied at the American Academy of Art. He was strongly influenced by the early "pretty girl" illustrators, such as Charles Dana Gibson, Andrew Loomis, and Howard Chandler Christy. Other influences included the Brandywine School founded by Howard Pyle.