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Photo postcard WW2 German propaganda Luftwaffe song

Photo of Airmen parading in front of line of biplanes.

Flieger sind Sieger!  (Airmen are the winners!)

First stanza lyrics:

Wir jagen durch die Lüfte
Wie Wotans wildes Heer,
Wir schau'n in Wolkenklüfte
Und brausen über's Meer.
Hoch tragen uns die Schwingen
Wohl über Berg und Tal,
Wenn die Propeller singen
Im ersten Morgenstrahl.

We hunt through the air Like Wotan's wild army, We look in the skies And roar over the sea. The wings carry us high Well above mountain and valley, When the propellers are singing In the first morning beam.

On back:

Rosse Verlag, Foto und Lied: Tobis Film Liedertext: Götz Otto Stoffregen, Beboton Verlag 

(Rosse Publisher, Photo and song: Tobis Film, Song lyrics: Götz Otto Stoffregen, Beboton Publisher.)

Stain UR corner (and on back). Couple of spots on front and back. Dent on back UR corner.