Pamphlet from Cunard Lines ‘Romance of the New World’ @1930

$85.00 CAD

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‘Romance of the New World’
  See the future not the past
   An Impression of the
       United States
      Rosita Forbes
      USA & Canada


Nice green ‘velour’ cover.

Fascinating, flattering (if dated) text on visiting America:

  • ‘The skyline of New York is the first rampart of another world’.
  • ‘America can give you anything you ask of her. You can stay up all night, dancing tango to the music of Argentine peons, fox-trots to the sophisticated clash of orchestras, nameless rhythms in Harlem cellars, while n*****s induce delirium from the ecstacy of muted saxophones’.
  • ‘American mentality is an adventure in itself. You will notice that the American individualist is passing.’
  • ‘The American is just the reverse of the Englishman.’
  • ‘If you want the improbable, go to Hollywood and you’ll find it’s all true – especially at the Ambassadors on Wednesdays, when each star is determined to out-scintillate his or her rivals.’
  • And many more….

 Many photos of USA (and Canada):

  • Chicago
  • Long Beach
  • NYC
  • Niagara
  • Harvard
  • San Francisco – Chinatown
  • Santa Barbara
  • ‘In the South – bringing home the cotton’
  • Parade at West Point
  • Sunnyside Beach Toronto
  • Grand Canyon

Last page list 17 tours including prices. Most expensive, for $320, is 23-day tour #4 to California.

Covers have some large browning / aging areas, small tears. Interior pages have some browning spots, better once past title page and into text and photos.

Paperback, 22 pages + 2 blank.  


Rosita Forbes, née Joan Rosita Torr (1890 – 1967) was an English travel writer and explorer. In 1920-21 she was the first European woman to visit the Kufra Oasis in Libya (together with the Egyptian explorer Ahmed Hassanein), in a period when this was closed to westerners.