‘Old Homestead Recipe’ booklet by Maple Leaf Mills (Canada) @1920

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Selected and Compiled for users of Monarch Pastry Flour by MAPLE LEAF MILLING Company Limited Toronto Canada.
'The Maple Leaf Mill at Port Colborne, Ont., is the largest in the British Empire, and the principal link in the great transcontinental chain of Maple Leaf Mills and Elevators'

Undated, but research says @1920. Seems to be rare, only can find library copies online.

Recipes using Monarch flour, most recipes have names associated with them.

Multiple categories:

  • Cakes (Florida Cake, Preserved Ginger Cake, Economy Cake…)
  • Quick Breads (Spanish Bun, Hot Date Biscuits, White Mountain Griddle Cakes…)
  • Pastry (Oyster Filling for Oyster Patties, Sand Tarts, Flora Dora Pie…)
  • Cookies and Small Cakes (Jessica’s Cookies, Genoese Cakes, Rolled Wafers…)
  • Doughnuts and Fritters (Apple Fritters, Crullers, Cocoa Novelty Doughtnuts…)
  • Puddings (Maple Bavarian Cream Pudding, Princess Louisa Pudding, Sweet Yorkshire Pudding…)
  • Pudding Sauces (Transparent Pudding Sauce, French Sauce, Maple Syrup Sauce…)
  • Cake Fillings and Frostings (Peanut Butter Icing, Almond Paste, Orange Filling…)
  • Sandwiches (Cheese and Olive, Peanut, Tomato…)
  • Invalid Dishes (for the sick!) (Veal Broth, Beef Tea Custard, Water Gruel…)

Paper bit crinkled (water?). Water stain on inside title page. Some staining along inner spine. Some pages have small red colour transfer on outer edges.

80 pages + covers.


Maple Leaf Mills has been coined ‘the company that grew with Canada’, which is what it did through various name changes and ownership. Niagara has a long history of milling which Maple Leaf mills can trace its origins from. Beginning in 1836 The Grantham mill based in St. Catharines was one of the first flour mills in the area. It was owned by Capt. James Norris and later (late 1890s) Hedley Shaw, ran the mill under his newly formed Hedley Shaw Milling Company Limited.1 “In 1904, the Maple Leaf Flour Mills Company Limited was incorporated under Dominion of Canada letters patent . . . In 1907 the Maple Leaf Flour Mills Company Limited acquired the Shaw Milling Company and with it Grantham Mills” 2 Three years later, in April of 1910 the Maple Leaf Flour Mills Company at Kenora and the Hedley Shaw Milling Company at Thorold merged to form the Maple Leaf Milling Company Limited. The new name encompassed mills at Kenora, Brandon, St. Catharines and Thorold as well as 40 grain elevators in the Western Provinces. The Maple Leaf Milling Company Limited is the predecessor to the Maple Leaf Mills of the twentieth century.3 October 12, 1911 was the date the original Maple Leaf Mills plant opened in Port Colborne Ontario, this mill an example of the production of the largest Maple Leaf Mill. This mill was able to produce 363,000 tonnes of flour per day. In 1917 the mill was expanded to include another milling unit allowing the mill to produce a total of 1,180,000 tonnes of flour daily.