Movie poster for 'East of Java' - 1935

$10.00 CAD

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East of Java advertisement from Universal Pictures, starring Charles Bickford, Elizabeth Young, Leslie Fenton, Frank Albertson.

'Furious drama of seven derelicts and a lone woman shipwrecked off Simba Sao!'

Interesting that poster side has a real-life newspaper headline 'Bickford badly torn by lion': Charles Bickford almost died when a supposedly "tame" lion turned and attacked him. The lion (which was killed by its trainer) sank its teeth into Bickford's throat. Severely injured, Bickford was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery that saved his life. The poster promotes "...this is the picture in which the accident occurred...and the cameras kept on grinding..."

Two sided with movie poster on each: black and violet (vertical) on one side, black and blue (horizontal) on back.

Poor condition. Scotch-tape along two of the vertical folds. Some tears along folds and edges. Has perforated holes along one side. Beaten up, but complete.

21 ½" x 8" main side, 14" image on back.

East of Java:
Survivors of a shipwreck find refuge on a tropical island--but so do the ship's cargo of lions and tigers.