Map of Limburg Belgium @1630s

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The work shows the town with a fortress situated on a steep hill. The Wesdret river is flowing through the landscape surrounding the fortress. Nearby to the right, in vicinity of the river, there is the village of Dolhen.

Upper right of image: ‘Fig: 15 fol.168’

Hand-coloured copper engraving on laid paper.

Cartouche LR with nice image of soldiers. Inside cartouche is list of some main items from the map( town gates, hospital...).

LL shows battle scene with cavalry clashing with enemy.

Unclear who the engraver. One suggestion is Arend van Slichtenhorst, from "Gelderse Geschiedenissen...".

Folded, as it should be coming out of a book. Some yellowing around borders. Fresh colours. Some small tears along edge.

38  x 30.5 cm   / 15 x 12"


In this case it is difficult to identify the events depicted in the engraving. The only clues consist of the facts that Limburg lies in western Belgium and that the graphic portrays Dutch artillery batteries and infantry. These circumstances could indicate that the depicted scene describes an incident from the protracted war between Spain and Netherlands, the setting of which lied at the mentioned territory around 1630. Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange, led the Estates-General of the United Netherlands of the time. His versatile skills made it possible to bring the country to unprecedented economic, military and social achievements. The terms of peace reached by the Dutch in the peace negotiations in Münster on 15th May 1648 were extremely advantageous.